Behind the scents_Christmas candle collection UK

Behind the scents_Christmas candle collection UK

This year we're on a mission to get Christmas back on cloud nine. Last year was a toned-down affair but this year, whatever happens, we want to inspire everyone to revel in the holiday spirit.



For our very first festive collection, we took inspiration from the impulsive adventures and OTT celebrations that happen throughout the holiday season. Keeping it unapologetically Christmas, but adding a uniquely DAYDREAMIN’ twist. Creating a limited edition candle collection designed to give everyone that 'holiday high' – both day and night.



Our first Christmas candle is inspired by the magical frozen, landscapes of Christmas. We wanted to create an intoxicatingly fresh, winter wonderland candle scent. We went on to develop a unique blend of Siberian Pine, sweet winter florals of Elderflower and winter Honeysuckle, and finished off with herbal Cannabis Flower. Perfect for those that daydream of leaving the city lights and spending Christmas in the arctic wilderness under the Northern Lights.


Buy this magical Christmas aura here : LAPLAND IS DOPE scented candle.



For our second Christmas candle we took inspiration from what happens under the mistletoe and at the Christmas party. Creating a sultry and spicy candle scent. Consisting of fruity Plum Blossom, rich aromatic Myrrh and Frankincense, blended with notes of warming Cinnamon and Clove. Perfect for those that daydream of over-indulging all season long with their familiar guilty pleasures.


Buy this sultry Christmas number here : NAUGHTY LIST scented candle.



To bring our collection to life we worked with London-based photographer Luke Weller. Capturing our scented candles in scenographic landscapes that transport you straight into the festivities. Smoke machine and lighter fluid on hand, we were lucky not to recreate a 2021 edition of London’s burning….


For our first holiday campaign we tell the story of the 'intoxicating high of the holidays'. Empowering people to let loose their inhibitions. Indulge in over-indulgence. And revel in the unique celebrations of the Christmas holidays.

Happy Holidays ya Filthy Animals!

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