News _ Our new scent named 'Best Scented Candle' UK

News _ Our new scent named 'Best Scented Candle' UK

Our new Spring scented candles are getting a name for themselves! Read below to see what the UK's leading home fragrance experts have to say about DAYDREAMIN's new candle scents below.



"DAYDREAMIN' are a new British brand that take a modern and irreverent approach to candle making with bold fragrances and striking design. 'STORM CHASER' recreates the 'petrichor' smell – the scent that occurs when rain activates nature's plant oils. It consists of herbal moon tea leaves and guaiac wood, sweetened with fig bark, clean amber and white fig fruit." - Haydn Williams

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OLFCTRY - UK Fragrance Photographer / Influencer, April 2022

"This candle is as seductive as any perfume I've ever smelt and by god does it fill the room when lit. Which is actually a really good characteristic of these candles, the scent floods any space it is in. MILE HIGH is rich with Palo Santo of which is an exclusive blend to Daydreamin alone. Followed on by Agave Plant (tequila) and awash with fresh aquatic notes such as cucumber, bergamot and rock rose. It's pure addiction, breezy, spontaneous much like a 'mile high' experience." - Lance

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STYLUS - (Brands) Elevating Home Fragrance Experiences, March 2022

"Niche UK candle brand DAYDREAMIN's primary marketing strategy is to sell daydreams rather than scent notes. This offers consumers greater scope to connect with the experience on a deeper, more meaningful level. Formulating fragrances that harness the mental health benefits, elevates the home fragrance experience."Maya Regan

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