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Explore the Hottest Candle Trends of 2023


This is a #PSA – public service announcement - we're halfway through the year, and the emerging scented candle trends of 2023 are shaping up to be some of the most exciting in years.


Prepare to be inspired as we explore the enigmatic scent notes that are pushing the olfactory boundaries, and vying to be your next G.O.A.T. So, strap yourselves in and get ready for a home fragrance adventure as we uncover the three scented candle trends that are dominating UK home interiors: "Water Garden," "Silk Road," and "Veg Patch." Which one will take your fancy? Let’s find out…


Scented Candle Trend #1: “Water Garden”

Let’s dive headfirst into the mesmerizing world of "Water Garden". The first of our three candle trends that has been making waves this year, with its enchanting aroma of aquatic florals. Mirroring 2023’s Blue Beauty revolution and the ‘Mermaidcore’ fashion trend, inspired by the remake of the Little Mermaid, these new scented candles have been designed to bring a fragrant oasis closer to home.

 The Hottest Candle Trends 2023_Water Garden_DAYDREAMIN UK

In the world of home fragrance, this trend washes over your senses with watery notes of rain accords, water moss, lotus blossom, salty florals and blue agave (our candle scent of the year) as the key olfactory trendsetters. Think of it like a geothermal spa-day, without getting wet. It’s the ultimate self-care candle trend that gives off major tranquil vibes, creating an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation. If this sounds like the trend for you, our new CLOUD NINE and award-winning MILE HIGH CLUB scented candles are just the ticket. Trust us, these "Water Garden" style scented candles will transport you to a serene oasis where all your worries wash away.



Scented Candle Trend #2: “Silk Road”

Next up, we’re embarking on a scented candle journey along an ancient Chinese trade route. The "Silk Road" candle trend takes us back in time to an era when traders braved long distances, carrying exotic spices, precious woods and luxurious silks to far off lands. A scent trend based on the revival of all things with a cultural provenance and the globalisation of Chinese wellbeing rituals.

 The Hottest Candle Trends 2023_Silk Road_DAYDREAMIN UK

Prepare to be whisked away by the intoxicating home fragrances of oriental poppy, tea leaves, saffron, papyrus, Himalayan cedar and cardamom, that lie at the heart of this trend. These scented candles are not just about the bringing ancestral traditions to light, they also bring a touch of indulgent curiosity to any interior space. Light up one of these beauties, and suddenly you'll feel like you're lounging in a lavish palace, surrounded by treasures from distant lands. This is one candle trend we are already well on board with, as our COSMIC JUICE and STORM CHASER scented candles both offer a sensory scent scaping experience, fit for a trip down the old “Silk Road”.



Scented Candle Trend #3: “Veg Patch”

Say goodbye to those fuddy-duddy floral scents and say hello to the green revolution! Our penultimate candle trend "Veg Patch" is all about embracing the grow-your-own movement and filling your home with the invigorating aromas of fresh herbs and vibrant veggies. It's like having your very own farmers' market right in your living room.

 The Hottest Candle Trends 2023_Veg Patch_DAYDREAMIN UK

Get ready for a surprising olfactory sensation as notes such as bell pepper, chilli salt, beetroot, tomato vine, pear, elderflower and coriander bring a whole new category to the world of home fragrance. These eco-friendly scented candles are putting the edge in "Veg Patch". This is one trend that’s about more than just lighting a candle; its making a statement about sustainability and supporting local agriculture. It ain't easy being green but our CLIMATE CHANGE scented candle has you got your back, our green fingered friends.



Are you ready for a candle adventure?

There you have it, candle lovers. The hottest candle trends of 2023 are making their mark and bringing a whole new level of scent scaping to our homes. So, whether you're floating in a fragrant Water Garden, exploring the exotic scents of the Silk Road, or embracing sustainable living with Veg Patch - these scent trends are here to shake up your senses.


So, go ahead and be a trailblazer with DAYDREAMIN’s trending candles. Let our unique home fragrances transport you and make a statement in your homes. Get ready to take your candle game to the next level, because in 2023, we're not just lighting candles; we're going on an olfactory adventure! Who's in?...


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