Our Story



DAYDREAMIN' is a creative side hustle by Nottingham-based retail design strategist, Mike Tristram. An avid candle (and sneaker) addict turned fragrance mixologist, quickly evolved into me developing a range of playfully risqué candle scents. Initially for me, then for friends and family, then for fellow candle addicts.

Now we're one the UK's most exciting, new indie candle brands. In the first 3 months of launch the brand secured features in GQ, Stylus and OK! Magazine as well as content collaborations with Drag Race UK's lip sync assassin Tayce and mental health editor/influencer Max Hovey 😋. 



Did you know we spend 47% of our waking time daydreaming? And that positive daydreams are considered a type of personal 'dream therapy' that can alleviate stress and anxiety?

Neither did we, but once we did it sparked our imagination. We dug a little deeper and found that the 'therapeutic entertainment' of daydreams can range from sexual fantasies and mischief, to escapism and identity exploration. The latest research on neuroscience also shows that scent is the most powerful trigger to evoke daydreams. Inspired by this, we came up with the idea of creating scent-inspired daydreams - something completely new in the market - and as they say, the rest is history.



Not looking to be just another candle brand, DAYDREAMIN' is carving out its own niche. We wanted to create something fresh, provocative and stood out from the crowd. So why we might not be for everyone, we're here for the pleasure rebels and shameless self-gifters - and who doesn't want to be ones of those! Everything we do is driven by our 3 values:

  • Pleasure Positive
  • Planet Conscious 
  • Design Indulgent

All our candles are dreamt up, developed and produced by hand in Nottingham, UK - using only the most sustainable ingredients. Proudly Vegan, non-toxic, independent and gay-owned. If you like what you see browse our collections, follow us on social and help support a small business.