Nature needs sustainable candles

Nature needs sustainable candles

Climate Change. An all-encompassing word that strikes fear in some, action in most and fatigue in others. Following reports that in many countries 2022 was the warmest year on record, and a doomsday clock ticking down to a point of no return (2030 btw, pop it in your diaries) – Climate Change now feels more real than ever.


If we’re to ride out this wildfire – pun well and truly intended – collectively we need to change our behaviours, buying habits and belief systems. But you already knew that. So instead of hitting you over the head with sustainability-shaming and putting the responsibility all on you, here’s what we’re doing as planet-positive brand to protect mother earth. Like seriously, sustainable stuff - no greenwashing.



Man-Made vs Plant-Based?

Before we go into the nitty gritty, we want to go right back to the start of our candle journey. At the outset of launching our brand, one of our core values was to be a planet-positive business. This was at the heart of our product development, making us deep dive into production processes and assessing supply chains, always questioning whether there was a more sustainable alternative.


We had a choice. 1. Go with the easy option. The industry standard. Highly available materials like the widely used paraffin wax made from petroleum (also known as mineral wax) and use synthetic, man-made chemical fragrances which would also mean reduced costs. Or 2. The plant-based route. Higher costs, more time-consuming candle making processes, more supply chain scrutiny (i.e ensuring natural materials don’t actually contribute towards things like deforestations), stringent selection processes such as Vegan and biodegradable accreditations, as well as a slight reduction in scent throw (compared with synthetics). Given the nature of this article, it’s probably no surprise that we opted for option 2. And we’ve never looked back.



Candles Need Nature

So going down the plant-based route, as a scent brand in a candle making industry; this means we are heavily reliant on natural resources. Cotton for wicks, plant extracts and essentials oils for fragrances, soybeans for wax and sand for candle glass. But contrary to popular belief – we don’t have an endless supply of these natural resources.


This is why candles need nature. Biodiversity, soil health and stable climate patterns are vital to the sustainability of not just our planet but also our brand. This is why last year we took our sustainability efforts to the next level by partnering with world-leading climate solutions platform, Ecologi. Through our partnership, we plant 1 tree for every candle sold. And not just any trees, but a wide variety of Mangrove tree species  that are some of the most carbon-capturing trees on the planet!



Smells like a Greener Future

We’re a firm believer that climate action is not just for eco-activists. This is why we created our newest scented candle CLIMATE CHANGE - a green, woody scent that brings the outdoors in for anyone that daydreams of a greener future. Made of completely plant-based wax and natural fragrance oils like pear blossom, Mediterranean cypress, moss and tonka beans – it characterises rewilding, restoring and respecting our planet.


That’s not all. For our latest addition to our signature candle collection, we’re turning the sustainability vibes up a notch - planting 5 trees for every CLIMATE CHANGE candle sold. Join us as we help put Climate Change into reverse. Burn a plant-based candle and help us rewild our planet - mother earth will thank you for it.


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