A beginner's guide to scent-inspired daydream candles

A beginner's guide to scent-inspired daydream candles

New to scent-inspired daydreams? Don't worry we've got your back. As we discuss in our recent blog post on POSITIVE DAYDREAMS, scent can play an important role in evoking positive mind wanderings which enhances creativity and alleviates stress and anxiety. But how do you practice immersive daydreaming? Here are some tips, tricks and candle care basics to daydream like a pro!





  1. CHOOSE YOUR VICE - Whether you fancy a quick sexual fantasy or a mental escape to a tropical paradise, our Lucid Dreams collection captures your wildest fantasies in scent. Get inspired by our scent stories and choose your vices.
  2. THE FIRST BURN IS THE DEEPEST - So once you've chosen your daydream or daydreams - your ready for your first burn. As with any candle you should always aim for a full edge-to-edge melt pool. This ensures your candle won't tunnel and you get the most amount of daydreams out of your candle scent.
  3. TOO HOT TO HANDLE - We know people like to brag about lasting all night, but with candles that's a big no no. Never burn a candle for more than 4 hours. Don't touch the container while its burning and always ensure it sits on a heat resistant surface. Burning the house down doesn't make for a good daydream experience!
  4. DON'T BE A SIZE QUEEN - Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to your wick. We use natural cotton/paper wicks which are more prone to mushrooming, especially on the first few burns. Please ensure you trim your wick between burns to avoid black smoke and soot which can ruin the purity of your scented daydream.
  5. BE #SHAMELESS - Did you know 80% of us would rather not disclose our daydreams?! Own your vices, start a conversation. Don't keep your daydreams a secret. Share your experiences on Instagram using #daydreamin for a chance to be featured on our feed and an exclusive discount off your next daydream!




We want as many people as possible to benefit from positive, sensory daydreams. That's why even though we are a premium brand and use sustainable ingredients - we have an accessible price point, as well as 10% off all first time orders and FREE delivery over £50.00. Ready to begin your daydream adventure? Shop our collection of scent-inspired daydreams now.



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