Perfect the Art of Scent-Scaping

Perfect the Art of Scent-Scaping

Picture yourself as a master chef in the world of home fragrances, blending and combining scented candles like a culinary genius. Just as a chef combines flavours to create a mouthwatering dish, you can mix and match home fragrances to create unique, atmospheric scent-scapes in your home.


It’s not as simple as just lighting up any two or three scented candles at the same time and seeing what happens – that would be like when TikToker’s tried to make watermelon and mustard a thing… ain’t nobody got time for that, especially not when it comes to life’s little luxuries. So, get ready to unleash your creativity and learn all about how to perfect the art of scent-scaping below.

The Art of Scent-Scaping Candles | Flower Vase & Paint Brushes


‘Scent-Scaping’? – Never heard of her…

Don’t feel bamboozled if you’ve never heard of it - it’s one of the latest trends in scented candles and home interior design. Scent-scaping is a new sensory art form that involves curating and combining different scents to create a harmonious yet stimulating atmosphere throughout your home. Just as a skilled artist blends colours on a canvas to tell stories and evoke emotions, scent-scaping pro’s mix and match florals and home fragrances to enhance the ambiance of a space. It's more than just making your home smell good; it's about curating scent candles to change spatial atmospheres and create unique personal experiences throughout your whole home.


“Fragrance layering or scent-scaping is one of the biggest trends in home interior design where you can define spaces with home fragrance, as a form of creative expression.” 

Homes & Gardens Magazine


Beyond sensorial enjoyment and creative experimentation, scent-scaping also offers an array of wellness benefits. Certain scents can promote relaxation, reduce stress, improve focus, and even boost creativity. It's no wonder that scent-scaping has found its way into spa treatments, meditation practices, workspaces and home interiors magazines, worldwide. As you immerse yourself in your own scent-scaping journey, you'll discover the storytelling power of home fragrance to elevate your everyday experiences to new sensory heights.

The Art of Scent-Scaping Candles | Home Fragrance Florals


Creating your own Scent-Scaping Masterpiece

Just like an artist's creative process, scent-scaping is an expression of your unique style, personality and mood. Start by identifying the story or narrative you wish to create in your home interior. Is it a soft and relaxing sanctuary to help you unwind? A vibrant and lively atmosphere in your open-plan living/dining room while entertaining guests? Or an inspiring and focused vibe whilst your working from home? Once you know the scene you want to set, select a focal scented candle that embodies the essence of your desired ambiance. This central home fragrance will serve as the anchor for your scent-scape, setting the scene for the overall olfactory experience.


Now it's time to play with complementary scents, layering home fragrances and floral arrangements to add complexity and depth to your olfactory creation. Blending scented candles is where the true artistry of scent-scaping shines, allowing you to create a symphony of aromas that dance to their own tune. Remember, each room and occasion calls for a different scent experience. Experiment with combinations that add contrast and intrigue throughout your home interior. If your focal scent is a delicate floral, consider layering it with aquatic notes for a breezy and refreshing ambiance or blend it with woody and exotic scent notes for a calming and inviting atmosphere.


“Scent-scaping is the subtle art of choosing and arranging home fragrance in a way that conjures up the perfect atmosphere. Positioning scents around the room to shift your mood as you transition from one space to the other.” 

Living Etc


To be a true scent-scaping artist though, you need to master the the positioning of your scented candles around your home – creating sensory stories with start, middle and ends. Think about which scent you want to hit your senses first or greet your guests on arrival, positioning these candles in the foreground of your home interior. Then explore which scents you want to layer as you/they move throughout the space, placing these candles further into the room or your home. (It's not just about putting two candles on next to each other). Let your imagination run wild, and trust your instincts to guide you towards the perfect fusion of home fragrances.


The Art of Scent-Scaping Candles | Layering Home Fragrances 

The Perfect Dreamscapes

When it comes to scent-scaping - you are the artist, your home is the canvas and scented candles are the colour palette. It’s all about unleashing your creativity, and letting the aromas guide you on a thrilling sensory journey. There are no limits, no rules – just the sheer pleasure of curating your own scented candle ensemble. But for those who haven’t got the time (or money) to experiment with different home fragrance combinations, we have created some scent-scaping candle bundles for you to try before going full Picasso. Explore our tried and tested dreamscapes below.


Scent-Scaping Candle Bundle 1: ‘Pâtisserie Parisian’

Our 'Pâtisserie Parisian' scent-scaping candle bundle, is a sweet treat in every sense of the word. Explore the confectionary counters of Paris, as the suave honey and nutty fragrances of our FILTHY RICH candle are layered with the rich cherry notes of oriental poppy and the pastry-like smell of Orris in our COSMIC JUICE candle. Together, they’re serving a slice of Marie Antoinette, turning your home interior into a luxury French Pâtisserie. Shop now.


Scent-Scaping Candle Bundle 2: ‘Palm Beach’

Get your out-of-office vibes whilst taking a sunset stroll down Florida's Palm Beach with the tropical, coconut scent notes in our NUDIST BEACH candle. When combined with breezes of orange blossom, soft cedarwood and watery white lotus in our CLOUD NINE candle - we enter palm tree hammock territory (but in your living room). Shop now.


Scent-Scaping Candle Bundle 3: ‘Forest Bathing’

Smell the wood though the trees with our 'Forest Bathing' scent-scaping candle bundle. Traverse off-grid, as the scent of leafy greens and ripe pear from our CLIMATE CHANGE candle draw you into the woods draw while the musky tones of Guaiacwood and wet fig bark in our STORM CHASER candle layers in scents of the forest floor. Bringing the diverse scent-scape of the rainforest into your home interior. Shop now.


Ready to get creative?

Indulge in the sensory art of scent-scaping, and let the symphony of scented candles surprise and delight you and your guests. Your home can become a showcase for your home fragrance creations, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who steps through the door. Embrace the unique creativity in scent-scaping your home interior today by shopping our range of scent-scaping candle bundles today.

The Art of Scent-Scaping Candles | Home Fragrance & Interior Design


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