New scented candles for Spring

New scented candles for Spring

CALLING ALL LIFE-SEEKERS! This Spring we’re introducing three new, life-affirming scented candles. Celebrate the return to a world of spontaneity with scent-inspired daydreams of shameless wanderlust and liberating escapism.

Read below for the scoop on our new collection, and how we created a series of scent profiles that are sure to liven things up this Spring.




2022 is predicted to be a record year for weddings. As one of the biggest occasions in most people’s lives, it also comes with a lot of pressure to please everyone and some pretty hefty pre-wedding jitters.


So for our latest scent-inspired daydream candle, we’ve indulged the much-needed ‘coming up for air’ while planning your dream wedding. A free-spirited blend of fresh meadow flowers like wild bluebells and dewy tuberose combined with luxurious cashmere woods to help calm those nerves - or inspire a ‘left at the altar' getaway. This is the perfect engagement gift, or as a relaxing floral aroma to accompany any bridal shower or hen party. Also works as a cheeky gift  for one of those divorce parties that are going around... Buy our new RUNAWAY BRIDE scented candle here.




Summer holidays are back! The highlight of most people’s year is when we manage to get away from it all. To let all our cares and inhibitions drift away while we explore exotic landscapes and indulge our #YOLO impulses.


For this scent-inspired daydream we looked to evoke those passionate yet short-lived, holiday romances. Developing a blend that embodies an oceanic aphrodisiac - leading with a heavy dose of sacred Palo Santo, Indian sandalwood and tequila agave plant, drenched in aquatic notes of cucumber, bergamot and rock rose. This is the seasonal scent for those who like to give in to their passions  – in life and in love. Buy our new MILE HIGH CLUB scented candle here.




Our desire to reconnect with nature is at an all-time high. These days more and more of us are taking this to a new extreme – mountain biking in Hurricane Valley, storm kayaking in Tsitsikamma National Park or rock climbing a waterfall like a total badass.


For this season's third scent-inspired daydream, we have recreated the essence of a natural phenomena called ‘Petrichor’ – the pleasing, earthly scent when rainstorms activate natures plant oils. This leafy, mysterious aroma consists of herbal Moon Tea leaves and smoky guaiac wood, sweetened with fig bark, clean amber and white fig fruit. The home fragrance of choice for city dwellers who long for more than just a walk in the park. Buy our new STORM CHASER scented candle here.



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