The UK's hottest health & wellbeing trend of 2022

The UK's hottest health & wellbeing trend of 2022

NEW YEAR, NEW ME… Every year starts the same. An overwhelming social pressure to list out how you plan to be better this year than you were last year. The yearly expectation to go on a January diet, go Vegan, take up jogging and create a bucket list of life-goals. Well did you know, only 16% of the UK population have a New Year’s resolution and only 30% of these see this through? So this year, let’s go easy on ourselves and focus on being happy and healthy, not getting all hygge and hunky for the gram. Here’s how…



Reading through the media’s health and wellbeing trends for 2022, one key theme is very evident - revitalisation. Vogue (as well as many others) is betting big on ‘psychedelic wellness’. Forbes is predicting a boom in ‘wellness tourism’. And Mind+Body says ‘sound healing’ will be the next frontier of wellbeing in 2022. But before you go popping pills and Googling what the hell sound healing is - how about something a little easier that everyone can do?




One thing we can all appreciate in this ‘new normal’ is the reassurance of scientifically proven. So listen to this… research shows that thinking for pleasure or positive fantasizing can help alleviate stress and anxiety, as well as improving our general mood state. Everyday daydreams can be considered a type of personal dream therapy and offer a form of therapeutic entertainment. One that is scientifically proven to produce dopamine and oxytocin in the brain – you know the feel good stuff.




So how do you get the feel good stuff? Well scent has also been scientifically proven to be the most powerful sensory trigger for activating our brains ‘daydream’ mode. Scent can actually inspire mental escapes by triggering our inner subconscious. So, move over mindfulness, scent-inspired daydreaming is sounding much cooler - and to be honest much less boring.


This year jump on the easiest health and wellness trend on the market. Daydream away in a tropical escape with our NUDIST BEACH scented candle or show yourself some self-love with our sensual MORNING SEX scented candle (a GQ favourite). What you waiting for? Make 2022 the year you take yourself to your happy place. Grab yourself a scent-inspired daydream and have a happy and healthy 2022. 




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