Why candles are the perfect gift for Christmas 2022

Why candles are the perfect gift for Christmas 2022

This year, we all know Christmas may have to take a rain check on the extravagance. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be one to remember, and that gift-giving can’t be more unique and meaningful than ever! With the backdrop of a so-called ‘financial lockdown’ this Winter and Christmas on a budget for many – we’re here to tell you why everyone is saying scented candles will make the perfect Christmas present this year - no matter the recipient.

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Candles are widely considered one of life’s little luxuries. Home fragrance is used to elevate the ambiance of many occasions or activity - from curling up with a new book, soaking in a hot bath or adding some extra intimacy to date-night. This is one of the key reasons people love and appreciate scented candles so much - the atmosphere they create. With us all spending more time at home than ever in winter, coupled with the rise of working from home, this means candles really are a luxurious as well as thoughtful gift for the holiday season.


If you’re looking to reign in your spending this year, scented candles are also great value for money. It’s always been really important to us to set our plant-based candles at an accessible price point. But beyond price its also important to get more bang for your buck. We can all agree that what makes each candle unique is its scent. Our sense of smell is the only sense directly connected to memory and emotions, so unlike a lot of indie candle brands, all our scents are completely unique. We also only use luxury, perfume-grade fragrance oils – never off the shelf or dupe fragrances. Our larger candles also last over 50+ plus hours, so you know that this is a present that will be enjoyed time and time again (roughly 13 individual 4 hours burns to be exact). 

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No you know why you should fill your stocking with candles - how do you know which candle scent to choose? That’s where we come in. To help you find the best scent for your friends or loved ones, we recently pulled together a candle scent guide on the different types of daydreamers and their go-to scent profiles. If you know them as well as you should, this will help you choose the home fragrance gift that best reflects their personality and lifestyle. To set the scene all season long, we have also introduced two seasonal exclusive scents. If that wasn’t enough - you can never go wrong with a gift-card. So this year we’ve introduced our very own e-gift card so you can give the gift of choice. So whatever your budget and whoever your buying for this Christmas, make scented candles your go-to present.


Happy (holiday) DAYDREAMIN’ ❤️

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