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Candle Scent of the Year 2024: White Tea

In a world that seems to be spinning faster and faster, where the cacophony of our daily lives often saps our energy reserves and drowns out the delicate melodies of our inner selves, there's something inherently soothing about simplicity. In our pursuit of a balanced life and uninterrupted contentment, we've delved into the past to unearth a home fragrance that speaks to the depths of our souls. Here’s the story behind why White Tea is our Candle Scent of the Year for 2024.


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The Illustrious Origins of White Tea

In the heart of ancient China, during the illustrious Ming Dynasty, the art of tea was not just a tradition; it was a ceremony of honour and reverence. The Ming Emperors, often referred to as the "Tea Emperors," celebrated the exquisite purity of White Tea like no other. It’s ‘virgin’ leaves contain natural antioxidants and a delicate taste from its minimal processing methods. Such extreme care was taken in its preparation, only the purest water was allowed to be used. Held in such high esteem, it rose in favour with the nobility to become the only tea allowed to be served to the Emperor and his royal court. It was in this historical backdrop that White Tea became truly timeless.


As we explored in our emerging candle trends of 2023, scented candles that take inspiration from China’s ancient trade routes have been gaining widespread popularity. As a ceremonial fine tea, favoured by the Emperors of the Ming Dynasty themselves, White Tea remains one of the most revered ingredients in the world - not just for its taste but for the act of savouring its fine fragrance. In stark contrast with today’s fast-paced lifestyles; the slow-living ceremony offered by White Tea is something that holds as much significance today as it did in ancient times.

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Timeless Design, Dragons and a Sweet Embrace

As we awaken from our historical reverie and return to modern day, 2024 is ushering in the Chinese Year of the Dragon; a symbol that resonates with wisdom, positivity, self-awareness, and personal growth. This year in particular, is the Year of the Wood Dragon; a harbinger of culture, resilience and spirituality. It marks a time to recharge our batteries, hit reset, and start afresh - a new chapter in our life's story.


In parallel with the self-reflective energy of 2024, both the fashion and interior design universes are seeing a resurgence of monochromatic photography alongside chic black and white tailoring returning to the runways. These trends reflect a renewed appreciation for timeless design, an ode to the beauty of simplicity and the enduring elegance in an ever-accelerating world. This theme is also at the heart of Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2024: “Sweet Embrace - a soft and positive tone inspired by the need for spaces which help us feel at ease in a hectic world”. White Tea is a fragrant ode to this year of peaceful quietude and renewed appreciation for finding beauty in the most understated of places.


Candle Scent of the Year 2024 White Tea Inspiration | DAYDREAMIN' UK


White Tea: Home Fragrance for New Beginnings

In this dynamic cultural context, White Tea stands out as the perfect choice for our Candle Scent of the Year for 2024. A scent that embodies the serenity and purity celebrated by the Ming emperors, whilst being a home fragrance that holds a timeless, chic appeal we crave in modern life. An olfactory cocoon that’s delicately balanced and soul-soothing – with all the strength and resilience you would expect in the astrological Year of the Dragon.


White Tea’s fragrance profile is a harmonious blend of delicate and resolute aromas. It is floral without being overly perfumed, like a garden in full bloom kissed by the morning dew. Much like the soothing sip of the finest tea, it’s herbal scent leaves you with a feeling of understated contentment. Beyond its enchanting aroma, White Tea also carries a Zen-like quality to it, often used in aromatherapy for it’s mood-enhancing benefits to create an atmosphere of pure relaxation. It's the reset button we all need in our lives, a moment to slow down, gain perspective, and share our burdens. It reminds us not to suffer in silence or face the world alone. Instead, it encourages us to slow down, soothe our souls, and take a moment to reconnect with our inner selves.



White Tea meet White Lies

This most revered of home fragrances can be found at the heart of our monochromatic White Lies scented candle. Paired with vivacious scent notes of wild rose and elemi, it offers a sanctuary of calm, a moment of reflection, and a fresh start for your journey through 2024. In a world that never stops, White Tea invites you to embrace the beauty of simplicity, appreciate life's quiet moments, and finding solace in the understated. Destined to be one of the most popular candle scents in 2024, it acts as a reminder that we are delicate flowers, but we are also resilient. So, as the year unfolds, let White Tea be your comfort blanket in a year of personal growth and soul-searching simplicity.


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