The 5 types of daydreamers (and their scent profiles)

The 5 types of daydreamers (and their scent profiles)

WHAT TYPE OF DAYDREAMER ARE YOU? If you are reading this on your commute to work, then you are one of over a third of workers that say they daydream constantly throughout their commute – racking up over half an hour every single day. Daydreaming isn’t a rare phenomenon though, as a new study reveals that the average person in the UK spends nearly six years of their life daydreaming. That equates to roughly 800 hours, or over 33 days per year! Psychologists also widely estimate that we spend up to half of our mental capacity on daydreams, each and every day - don’t tell your boss...


During these lucid mind wanderings, we are slightly detached from our immediate situation but not completely from reality. Think of it as being in less of a trance and more of a state of subliminal contemplation. This means we are more receptive to ideas generated within our subconscious. But when it comes to what ‘therapeutic entertainment’ our subconscious daydreams are conjuring up for us - this is less clear. Why? Well that’s because, over 80% of UK citizens say they would rather admit to an embarrassing experience than reveal the nature of their daydreams.



Challenge accepted. Here we spill the tea on what types of daydreamers are really out there – and whether the person next to you on the train, or on the other side of your work desk, is dreaming of owning their own island or being a superhero (or super villain – we’re not judging).



Before we get into it, why do we even daydream in the first place? Well, daydreaming occurs at times of stress, frustration or boredom. Even if our daydreams don’t materialise into anything tangible, 6 in 10 of us say simply daydreaming about it genuinely makes us feel happy. This is not just a happy coincidence - daydreams have been scientifically proven to promote oxytocin and dopamine in the brain. These so-called feel good chemicals act as our very own ‘happy pills’.


Interestingly though - just like our fashion sense - our daydreams change as we get older. In our vicarious youth, we daydream mainly about sexual fantasies and the possibilities our futures may hold. This is our over-active imaginations running wild and creating life-affirming, dopamine-rushes. As we get older however, we daydream about escapism and heroic gratification. This is our inner subconscious giving us new meaning during our mid-life crisis’ and dreaming up life-changing scenarios.


Getting all scientific - Yale psychologists suggest that people who ‘practice’ daydreaming have more control over their emotions, have more empathy towards others and are naturally better problem solvers. Other professionals from the University of Florida have found that daydreaming “is part of our cognitive toolkit that's underdeveloped, but you can get better at it the more we practice it.” This idea of ‘practicing’ daydreaming, like practicing mindfulness is interesting. However when we're asked or told to think for pleasure, instead of meaning, we tend to default to superficial pleasures like eating ice cream or leaving work 30 mins earlier. These don't scratch the same itch as unconscious thoughts that are pleasant, but also meaningful and self-fulfilling. Daydreams aren’t something that can be forced - but they can be inspired. If you are familiar with us by now, you will know we are a strong advocate for scent being scientifically proven as the most powerful sensory trigger to activate our brains ‘daydream mode’. So if you want to practice this, scented candles are an absolute essential.


So we know why we daydream - for pleasure. We know what can set a daydream in motion - scent. Now we look at what the big secret is and uncover what we’re all daydreaming about. Helping you identify which type of daydreamer you are – and what scents match your daydreamer profile.





First up are the LUCKY DEVILS. Sorry to say that if you fall into this camp – you’re not special. That’s because these are among the most common types of daydreamers. Research shows that out of the top 50 most common daydreams – winning the lottery takes the number one spot. This type of daydreamer, dreams big and is looking to get lady luck on their side. They are people with big ambitions, like being a self-made billionaire or a pop star, they just need that lucky break.


In you identify with this daydreamer profile, sweet and luxurious scent notes should be your go-to. Think bright florals or precious incense to kick start your sweet dreams. Bulgarian Rose and Orris are some of the rarest and most expensive florals in the world – we’d start here. Sweet-smelling Meadow Flowers and Honeysuckle or white florals like Tuberose and Lily of the Valley will also work a treat. If florals aren’t your thing, look to nature’s own luxuries like Amber and Myrrh. Or rich and sumptuous scents of Tonka Bean, Almond, Wine and Ambrette Seed to indulge your fantasies. These scent notes can be found in both our: CAMP AS FUCK or FILTHY RICH scented candles.




This next one is also one we can all relate to – especially here in the UK. In the same research mentioned above - the desire to travel came a close runner-up to winning the lottery. Holidays are something we all look forward to, and reminisce about when we have the holiday blues. These types of daydreamers are looking to escape the everyday. Travel the world and experience new things. It’s not all about warmer climates and sun loungers though. More and more of us just want to leave the concrete jungle behind and reconnect with nature.


It probably comes as no surprise then that if you want to tickle your sense of wanderlust, exotic fruits and outdoorsy scents are what you should turn to. Sweet Tropical notes are for the sun worshipers. Think White Coconut, Peach and Papaya. Summer fruit blossoms also entice the senses, with Orange Blossom, Pear Blossom and Osmanthus clear winners. Fresh woody scents and green notes are for the nature lovers. Embrace some forest bathing with natural scents of Cedarwood, Cypress, Oak Moss and Sandalwood. These scent notes can be found in both our: NUDIST BEACH or CLIMATE CHANGE scented candles.




This next daydream persona is one we’re not likely to admit we indulge – but we all know everyone likes a romantic fantasy every now and again. This profile is the type of person who secretly explores their sexual fantasies in the privacy of their subconscious. PLEASURE SEEKERS indulge their vices and daydream of dangerous liaisons, that they more than likely will only ever dream about – (or will but haven’t got around to it yet). It doesn’t have to be all about sex, it can be about simple pleasures, like a weekend home alone where you can do whatever you want – or bailing on a night-out for a night-in, binge-watching a guilty pleasure.


For these naughty self-indulgent reveries, look to satisfy your cravings with provocative scents like arousing aquatic notes or creamy, sensual aromas. For those hot under the collar, take a cold shower with marine notes. Try Cucumber, Cyclamen, Water Lily and our founder’s favourite scent Tequila Agave. Fresher notes like one of the trendiest scents around, Palo Santo and Rock Rose also work well. For those who lean more to romantic musings, creamy and sensual scents notes will get you in the mood. Rose, obviously is your first point of call. But not all roses are equal, look for a Musky Rose which has a more animalistic, aphrodisiac quality. Keep the creamy accords sophisticated with Cashmere Woods and Vanilla scent notes or even try a Malt Whiskey and Creamy Coffee accords. These scent notes will keep you coming back for more. These scent notes can be found in both our: MILE HIGH CLUB or MORNING SEX scented candles.




The next one is more specific and influenced by our surroundings. Be that cultural surroundings or just your friendship group. We can all get lost in our own head sometimes, but RUMINATORS just can’t let things go. They need all the latest gossip. They create their own fictional storylines on why someone hasn’t text back. They wonder how much their boss is earning. Whilst at other times they subconsciously look back on past experiences or like to lose themselves in the world of their favourite book.


These people need something special to work as hard as their imaginations. Strong scents like Citrus and Herbaceous notes, which really make themselves known work well here. For those who lean to the former and want to keep riding the subliminal wave - you need an energy scent boost. Look to sweet and vibrant Citrus fruits like Red Grapefruit, Pomelo and Brazilian Orange. For those that lean more to the latter and like to reminisce over times gone by – go for nostalgic Herbal scents. Look to Lavender, Thyme, Sage and Patchouli. This is also where the age-old blackberry and bay leaf comes into its own alongside the ever-reliable Fig, whose earthy and warming notes are the perfect scent backdrop while you puzzle something over. These scent notes can be found in both our: JUICY SCANDAL or PURPLE HAZE scented candles.




Last but by no means least is the HERO COMPLEX. If your repping this bad boy, then baby you’re rare. This is the most obscure and, as the name suggests, complex of daydreamer profiles. These are people that daydream about leaving their mark on the world. Crave the fame and glorification of saving the day. Someone who strives to be the hero in every situation. Maybe even daydreaming of saving a stranger from a burning building. You want recognition, a sense of accomplishment - beyond the conventional. And  if you don’t get it – then you’re willing to watch the world burn… (OK that last bit was a little extreme, but you get the point.)


For theses rare breeds – only the most intriguing and bewitching scents make the cut. Think mysterious and dangerous ingredients far from the every day. Complex scent notes like Smoky Ouds, Pink Peppercorn and Black Tea Leaves that have a touch of the arcane. If you lean more towards flirting with danger, intoxicating scent notes like Cannabis Flower, Tobacco, Dark Chocolate, Leather or even Opium Poppy will let your rebellious side out. Super hero or super villain, you decide. These scent notes can be found in both our: STORM CHASER or COSMIC JUICE scented candles.



Found the daydream profile that best suits you? Indulge your vices through our range of specifically scented candles designed to activate your brains 'daydream mode'. Scent-inspired daydreams can be a powerful tool you can harness in your everyday life by prompting yourself with topics you find rewarding to daydream about via the use of scent. Try it out for yourself, as GQ says "one sniff and you'll get it."


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